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Comparison : The Rising Sun and Reflections in Black Blue


We know that love is often the subject of many literary works like novels , short stories , and poems . It is often about the lovers endeavors , of how they were able to get through it all just for the sake of love . But usually , these literary works often talk about love of the youth . Stories may involve two young lovers sharing something forbidden or mysterious , young guys professing their hearts out to young women But there are also a few literary works which

tell about timeless boundless love . The two poems , The Sun Rising ' and Reflections in Black and Blue ' talk about love in an ageless sense

In the poem The Sun Rising , the speaker speaks of love as a timeless entity . As the poem put it , Love , all alike , no season knows nor clime , nor hours , days , months , which are the rags of time (Lines 9-10 . For the speaker of the poem , love goes beyond seasons , implying that it will be around all year long . It 's as if saying that there is no season of love because it is there to stay . Love is also timeless because it knows no hours , days , or months . With love , there are really no limits that one should count . The speaker in this poem speaks of love in this way because he professes it as such . He is offering his love in a way that it is timeless and true

On the other...

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