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comparison and contrast between two movies


The setting of the movie 300 ' dates back from the early ancient Greek civilization period . The exact story that was depicted in the movie is the Battle in Thermopylae during 480 B .C . The era showcased in the movie expresses political , religious and social customs that ruled over the whole place . But the most recognizable aspect of the culture of Spartans as shown in the movie , is their incorporation to warfare and military culture . The beginning of the movie showcased how new born babies are

chosen . This aspect of Spartan culture epitomizes the saying about survival of the fittest . Clearly , their culture shows that in to live in Sparta , one must be fit and strong even as a baby . The newborn babies that were unchosen gets to be killed and serves unworthy to live in the Spartan region

The major concept of the movie is geared towards the importance of defending freedom despite overwhelming odds . The brave 300 , led by King Leonidas , is the epitome of bravery , risking their lives for the sake of a greater good . Though they know that the odds are enormously insurmountable , they gave their all to hold the Persian army back , for days . This is the inspiring message of the movie , though there are countless blood splatters and heads cut-off , the movie does not present rage and gore . These aspects just adds up to the overall presentation of the movie . Violence is not the empowering concept of the movie but it only adds spice to the greatness and beauty of the film

Artistically , the movie '300 ' is definitely a masterpiece . The background of the movie makes it unique and appealing , adding up to the effectiveness of the movie 's plot . The composition of the whole movie from camera angles , cinematography , backgrounds , etc , shows a sense of originality and uniqueness . Definitely , this movie was one of the best films of the decade . The pacing of the film just fits exactly with the overall impact being reflected by the movie . The movie showcases war thus fast paced scenes were provided . There are also scenes that showcased a slow style of pace that fit in each and every moment that it was needed . There is a slow pace in the love scene between King Leonidas and Queen Gorgo . This slow pace adds up to a more artistic look and lessens the thought of malicious intents . Artistry towered over malice during that sex scene due to the great utilization of a slow pace color , and camera angles . But when the need for intense action arises the movie hits back with an awesome fast pace , almost sounding and looking perfectly in every scene

The whole visual composition of the movie fits perfectly . The astonishing backgrounds add up to the flare of the whole experience of watching '300 . The lighting of the movie fits well and gives a more artistic touch to it . Overall , the lighting , the color , the background and the scenes...

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