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comparison essay between Repent Harlequin said the Ticktockman and two kinds

Conformity and Rebellion

Ralph Ellison 's Repent Harlequin ! Said Ticktockman ' and Amy Tan 's Two Kinds ' have one thing in common . They are tales about rebellion and conformity . As individuals belonging to a society , whether it is your family or a community , there are rules that should be followed and when you break them , there are punishments that await you . These rules ' are things that make a society ly and without these rules , chaos will eventually happen . But , what if these rules are just too much that these become a burden to

the people who follow it

Being a non-conformist and habitual latecomer , the Harlequin is considered a rebel in a futuristic society in the story Repent Harlequin . In this future world set in 2389 , conformity and punctuality are strictly being enforced . The ' of society did not fascinate the carefree Harlequin . People in the society where the Harlequin lived disliked him because he spent an alarming sixty-three years , five months , three weeks , two days , twelve hours , forty-one minutes , fifty-nine seconds , point oh three six one microseconds ' of his life arriving late , and causing tardiness among others (Ellison 402 . The Harlequin always takes his sweet time in doing things and thus he becomes an inevitable distraction to an otherwise well-ed suppressed society . As their leader , the Ticktockman can 't allow Harlequin to continue his wrongdoings ' and he decides that the Harlequin must be destroyed

On the other hand , Amy Tan 's Two Kinds show us the clash of American and Chinese culture between an immigrant Chinese mother and her daughter who has imbibed American values . This short story tells us about the rebellion and conformity within the family , as it is a basic unit of society . Jing mei is the Chinese girl who has a misunderstanding with her Chinese mother . Her mother just wants anything that 's best for her daughter , so she decides to enroll her to piano lessons . Jing mei feels that she 's just an instrument of her mother 's dreams , and she bears silent grudge towards her mother who wants her to become a child prodigy . So she does not take her piano lessons seriously and tells her mother that she can 't do it . After a bad performance at a recital Jing-mei 's built up frustration and grudge towards her mother is finally blurted out that ended her mother 's forced piano lessons , .I wish I wasn 't your daughter . I wish you weren 't my mother . I wish I was dead like them (Tan 457 . Jing-mei refers to her mother 's twin daughters who she left in China during the war . Of course , her mother was terribly hurt by what her daughter said and this revealed how much Jing mei disliked her mother 's decision to make her play piano . In her mother 's thinking , she just wants Jing mei to do her best because she believed that her daughter can do it . In turns out , her daughter felt bad about her dreams...

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