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comparision of Democracy and Dictatorship.


Comparison of Democracy and Dictatorship (name (university (professor (subject (date


The element of democracy is people power while in dictatorship is government . The comparison of both government , particularly in its nature and philosophy , structure , and the role of the government and their respective citizens are discussed in this

Comparison of Democracy and Dictatorship

Democracy and dictatorship are two very opposite aspects of governance Both presents different power and application of authority . Democracy and dictatorship regime is in contrast with each other and could not

br successfully exist side by side with each other in the same nation and at the same time

Nature and Philosophy of Democracy

The expression of interest , the development of civil society , and the accomplishment of collective and individual goal is the essence of democracy . Because these essence , democracy is associated with the bargaining power of the people , the exercise of the three branches of government of the country , essential attributes of impartial authority and the relationship between the society and regime that is based on exchange (Rummel , 2002 , n .p . The freedom to think and voice out opinions , to worship or not to worship as they choose , and to be protected against unreasonable searches and seizure of their persons and property are only some of the benefits of the citizens in a democratic system of government . Private properties are shared by the citizens while the government regulates the market in to eliminate monopoly and any other corrupt practices (Youth , 2008 , n .p . People have the freedom to enter and go out of the market as they in to establish businesses and provide job opportunities

Democracy ables individuals to freely compete for power as well as oppose the existing government . Citizens are given the freedom of speech and expression through press and other lawful mediums . Institutions such as youth groups , churches , businesses , and private schools can independently address their concerns and continue their interest without fear of reprisals (Rummel , 2002 , n .p . Political leadership respond current public demands and national problems without biases (Rummel 2002 , n .p . During election , politicians promise rewards and good governance in exchange for votes , while campaign funds and support are offered by interest groups in exchange for regulations and laws that the group desire to be implemented (Rummel , 2002 , n .p . Democracy offers choices , a freedom to take side between competing and different ideas and the ability of the people to elect and and bring changes to the nation (Johnleemk , 2008 , n .p . Freedom to change and choose is what democracy is all about (Johnleemk , 2008 , n .p . The foundation of democracy is corrupted when authorities withhold or fail to equally treat the ideas and choices of voters , or when the ideas or choices are subdued or prevented to freely grow on their own (Johnleemk , 2008 n .p . Democracy is not construed as majority alone but how the majority choose to change the government (Johnleemk , 2008 , n .p . It is not merely...

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