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compare and contrast 2 techniques in which to do a job search.

There are a number of options to do the job hunting . The most prominent and highly compared are networking and internet job searching . These two are the most common options nowadays mainly because people - employers and employees alike - have become so dynamic that they would always opt to choose the fastest and the nearest available means of reaching their dream job . But if somebody would ask for advice , which is really better finding a job through networking or by browsing the internet (and by better , it would mean having positive results at the

quickest time possible , what could be the possible answer

The very method of doing networking and internet job hunting is entirely different from each other . For one , networking is having direct contact with the right people at the right time while job hunting through the internet is getting access to the World Wide Web on a regular basis . Yes indeed , networking is through the people and by the people while internet job hunting is landing on the job opening through the power of computer technology and information

A more detailed explanation can specifically differentiate networking from internet job search

For most journals and credible articles , networking is considered as a fundamental part of finding the right job and getting hired for it . This method particularly requires persistent communications with business colleagues , friends and even relatives and as many contacts of theirs one can reach to obtain information and connections to the people who are hiring within companies . Some of these contacts may only provide a reference to another business contact , but this is all part of maintaining an active network until a job is secured (Leonard , 2002

Through networking , it is believed that the wider the web one spreads the better chances of success . Also , some career counselors proclaim it as gospel that networking is the key to a successful job search . Though the concept may conjure up images of smarmy backslapping and insincere glad-handing , one need not consider stooping so low (Ryan , 2004

Lastly , it should be noted that even though it is possible to find a job day without having to rely on personal connections , an estimated 70 to 80 of all jobs that get filled are by people who first heard about the position through word of mouth . And this fact should always be considered by those who desperately want to start their own careers That is why networking is so important during a job search . In a recent survey commissioned by Robert Half Finance Accounting , 80 of executives polled said that networking with others in their field or industry has been important in furthering their careers (Ryan , 2004

Thus , a professional network is indispensable when one is looking for a job - especially during uncertain economic times . One 's contacts can suggest promising leads or put him in touch with firms that are hiring They may provide you with first-hand information about an organization or give you the name of a staff member they...

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