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Paper Topic:

compare and contrast two sociology professors


Teachers and Their Social Worlds : Behind the Scenes of Teaching

PART 1 : Introduction

Education and teaching is a process of providing knowledge and learning that accompanies each other all the time . Sociology is only one among the many subjects that are presented in the universities and other types of educational institutions around the world are the study about humanities that cater to the students ' needs of understanding the world around them . One particular learning that belongs to this genre of learning is that of the basic knowledge needed by

everyone in terms of sociological involvement . Sociology has been notably taught to students by individuals who are not only knowledgeable about the said subject but are also experienced in the said field of learning . By saying experience , the professors usually chosen to present the said subject matters are those who have actually been involved in sociological practices such as counseling individuals and also other activities concerning social works . Institutional administrations believe that teaching sociology should involve an instructor with the actual behind the scenes situations rather than simply being able to explain the book-based theories of human understanding to the students in class

In the discussion that follows , it would be noted how two instructors of Sociology actually view their work as an important factor that would help their students understand life better . Most likely , the discussion would also include a considerable length of section that puts up the comparison between how a State College professor views his work with that of the professor teaching in a Technical institution . The importance of the subject that they are teaching and how they are trying to make the meaning of the subject more innately accepted by their students shall also be presented in the process

Through a separate interview that has been held by the author of this with the said professors , a deeper understanding of the matter is then derived . The clarification of the importance of sociology and understanding it in the lives of students has been notably insisted by the professors during the interview . They have also been observed to have special concerns on how their students are giving attention to their studies and how they are able to apply the lessons that they are learning from school into their daily lives

PART 2 : Interview with a Sociology Professor in a Small State College

The professor that has been interviewed in this part has been teaching quite a while in a small state college who handles at least 28 students per class and has a load of five classes at the time the interview was pushed through . When asked about her background , she notably said that she have had other aspirations of what she should have been at present from a view from her past years of dreaming . She said that her primary dream was to become an astronaut . The fascination that she has over the complexities of the universe has made her marvel about the possibilities of...

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