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compare and contrast the paintings `Demoiselles D`avignon` by picasso and `Grand nu` by Braque


Pablo Picasso 's Demoiselles d 'Avignon (1907 ) and Georges Braque 's Grand Nu (1908 ) are both crucial works of modernist painting from the same place and period . Though both artists were pioneers of Cubism , these works use markedly different styles while Picasso 's work inspired Cubist painting , which used simultaneous views of multiple angles Braque 's is a classic work of Fauvism , which emphasized vivid colors and bold lines instead of sharp angles

Both works are unconventional representations of nude models , rendering

br them less erotic than geometric . Demoiselles d 'Avignon features five nude female figures (four seated , one seated and looking at the viewer over the left shoulder ) before a background that turns from red-orange at the left to a white center to light blue at the viewer 's right Lines break the background into pieces like a mosaic or shattered glass particularly at the right , in the midst of the blue background . The figures are all recognizable but by no means life-like their bodies are intersected by lines that set apart different sections of the anatomy different skin tones , and white fabrics these effects made the figures a collection of shapes first and human bodies second . Both the seated woman and the standing one farthest to the right have faces resembling African masks , and a small tray of fruit sits in the foreground at the bottom . On the other hand , Braque 's painting features a solitary nude figure seen from above , reclining on a light blue bed in the center surrounded by a reddish and brown floor . The figure 's face lacks detail , with only lines indicating the facial features , but the body is much less angular and more buxom in a sort of cartoon-like way , only vaguely more like-like and erotically charged than Picasso 's Cubist nudes . Also , the figure is somewhat shadowed on both sides , making it unclear from which direction the light originates

Their similarities are clear , if rather superficial . Both juxtapose hot and cold colors in their works in Demoiselles d 'Avignon , Picasso uses a warm red and cooler blue to divide the viewer 's attention , with a neutral white in the center to balance the two and make the change less dramatic . Braque balances hot , cool , and neutral colors as well , though he places the figure on a blue bed in the center and surrounds it with the reddish and brown tones . Both also remove the erotic element from these nudes by rendering them in such an abstract way that , while recognizably human , they lose their realistic human features and are reduced to colors and shapes . Also , both use color vividly but refrain from using realistic lighting and shadowing Picasso avoids shadowing while Braque uses it but not realistically , since the shadows appear on both sides of the reclining woman at once

However , their approach to lines and shape sharply differ . Picasso uses sharper , angular lines , abstracting the women in his work as shapes...

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