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compare and contrast two occupations





Ignominy and Connections : Job Satisfaction Among Accountants and Switchboard operators

I . Introduction

Accountants and Switchboard operators are two of the most commonly found professions in the urban environment . Stringent regulations by the Securities and Exchange Committee , Federal and State bookkeeping and financial records law have necessitated large number of accountants to maintain databases of financial information that must conform to very stringent standards . While the modern world already allows for many computerized innovations and automated systems , many companies especially hospitals and other

service institutions often prefer human switchboard operators . The human touch these intermediaries provide helps these companies present a humane personalized approach to customer service . Both are prevalent in society , yet are rarely seen or studied in collegiate level sociology if only because they seem too mundane to be worth study . This will provide a blow-by-blow comparison of the two professions in an attempt to answer fundamental yet unanswered questions about these two professions

Common sense would dictate that an accountant would be having higher job satisfaction than a Switchboard operator . However , the research disproves this . In the near term a switchboard operator will have higher job satisfaction than his Accountant counter-part . Long-term Job Satisfaction is essentially equal between the two . The then is a study why a Switchboard operator who earns a pittance and has far less prestige is actually more satisfied with his job than an accountant with a state license in his exotic profession . This proposes that a Switchboard operator has higher job satisfaction because at that level he is because compared to an accountant who studied a rigid math-heavy course they are relatively uneducated and yet still well paid for a less stressful job . After all , he is either a part-time student trying to make ends meet , a retiree who seeks to do the same or an undergrad who is satisfied with the profession his lack of academic standing gave him .II . Method

The method employed in this project was direct fieldwork . The authors phoned the places where the subjects were to be found . Unfortunately initial attempts to obtain an interview were rebuffed primarily because the accountants contacted were too busy end of quarter financial reviews of their clients . Finally the accountant subject utilized in this consented to be put on record for purposes of the project

The Switchboard operator , ironically , was easier to convince . However finding a switchboard operator to interview was also difficult . Most work full-shifts in hospitals and other medium to large enterprises and even had to work overtime . With today 's more competitive performance-based environments the subjects were unwilling to spare even a few minutes to be interviewed fearing that a supervisor or manager might draw attention to their inefficiency . The subject was obtained by waiting for his shift to be concluded and he too agreed to be put on record

For both subjects a transcript of the questions as well as the transcript of the interview are included in the appendix for...

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