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compare and contrast the music of the classical and music of the baroque eras

The biggest difference then between Baroque and Classical Period music , in terms of style , is the difference in phrase structure . Although both the Baroque and Classical Period share similar phrase endings (full or plagal cadences , the Baroque does not usually follow the antecedent-consequent phrase structure that characterizes so much of the music in the Classical Period . The foremost composer whose work best exemplifies the Classical Period is Wolfgang Mozart . His concertos sonatas , and symphonies are filled with antecedent-consequent phrase structures that have been influential in music , from the Romantic Period

to contemporary popular music

Given this difference in style , we also see differences in the forms of compositions . Because of the differences in instruments (e .g . Baroque Period is characterized by the use of the harpsichord , where Classical Period is popular for its widespread use of the piano , different forms of music were very popular for each period . In the Baroque Period , the popular forms were Concerti Grossi (full orchestra with many soloists Fugues (counterpoint style with multiple voices claiming the same melodies , and Suites (four movement pieces written for a select number of instrumentalists . And in the Classical Period , composers stuck to writing Concertos (three movement pieces for orchestra and a solo instrument , Symphonies (four movement orchestral pieces , and Sonatas (three movement pieces for one or more solo instruments . Most of the pieces in the Classical Period are written in Sonata-form , which divides the piece into three sections : exposition , which presents the main theme development , which develops the main theme , varying it in complex ways and recapitulation , which returns back to the main theme . Both periods of music produced rich pieces which are still listened to and played today , and yet the differences between these two periods , though somewhat subtle , provide a wide range of listening experiences for the...

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