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Paper Topic:

To compare and contrast art from two different time periods or cultures and analyze how they reflect the calues of the society in which they were produced. Subject is Dontello’s David with Bernini’s David.

David 's feat

Comparison of Content

The most astonishing feature of Donatello 's David is the simplicity of the statue when seen at first glance . However , a closer look reveals some messages in symbols that were based from the Biblical accounts as well as basic details about David 's life as a shepherd . The statue of the male character with some female features provoked two possible reasons : first , using himself as the subject because he looked like a beautiful woman or second , to show that he won the battle against Goliath

in God 's will . Donatello 's David was not completely naked as he wore a straw hat and a pair of boots covering his legs . The hat David wore showed that he was a commoner because straw hats were used by peasants , shepherds and others working in the open air enduring the heat . The boots he wore were surely not armor since he rejected wearing the armor saying he was not comfortable with it . Donatello focused on the post-war scene when David was ready to slay Goliath with his own sword . Goliath 's helmet can be seen beneath David 's poised body while his sword was held in David 's right hand

While Donatello 's artwork was a post-war scene , Bernini 's statue of David showed David in his life-and-death battle with the Philistine giant . Armed with a slingshot , he was eager to turn down the warrior as he attempted to hit the giant . In this artwork , David was seen hunched and poised , frozen while gathering momentum for the one hit he aimed . In his face was a figure of determination and concentration amidst the intimidating size of his opponent . David 's pose was taken from Leonardo Da Vinci 's suggestions in throwing a spear or similar things . Aside...

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