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Paper Topic:

compare and contrast any two managment theories




Course name : MGMT 302 Fundamentals of Management (2007


Theories are abstractions from the real world to give and show the existing relationship between or among a variables or a given phenomenon . Thus , they are like map used in showing the direction of the known from the unknown . Hence , varieties of theories are abstracted from the real world situation to give explanation to a particular need in a given social setting

The two

theories to be compared and contrasted are the scientific school of thought theory on management by Frederick Taylor and the Human relation school theory of Elton Mayo and his associates . Both theories tried to proffer the best way to ensure that productivity is carried out in the work place


In the weak of the Industrial revolution era , where steam engine and the creation of factories in the production of textiles and other product in the 18th century , the need to bring about increase in the effective rate of output and productivity led to the introduction of the Scientific management theory by Frederick W . Taylor (1856-1915 . The scientific management theory tend to see the workers of an organization like robotic machines that can be motivated only through the carrot and stick approach , i .e , they should be closely monitored and incentives given to them as form of motivation to make them produce more . This theory submits that the work process should be broken down to its easiest smallest units . And the best approach in carrying out these identified units of tasks should be proffered and related to the workers by their supervisors . The workers are to be monitored and timed through the stopwatches and shorter days and breaks given as a way of motivation Thus , the piece rate wage is envisaged by the scientific theory , where the workers earn according to its output so as to avoid soldiering where time is wasted as pretence in workers . According to Wertheim (2005 , Taylor attempted to make a science for each element of work and restrict behavioural alternatives facing worker . Taylor looked at interaction of human characteristics , social environment , task and physical environment , capacity , speed , durability , and cost . The overall goal was to remove human variability


The Hawthorne experiment came as a criticism to the Scientific school It have it that there are other factors that actually motivates workers in an organisation other than the economical and environmental condition of workplace . despite the economic process brought about in part by scientific management , critics were calling attention to the seamy `side of progress , which include severe labour / management conflict , apathy boredom , and wasted human resources (Wertheim , 2005

Among its findings , the Human relations school find out that workers operate as a team and there exist a social interaction among them , that is , an informal social interaction , other than the everyday formal working process . This informal connectivity among the workers is a...

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