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compare and contrast 2 ancient philosophers

Compare and Contrast Two Ancient Philosophers

For purposes of this essay , the writer will use the works of St . Thomas Aquinas and St . Anselm . St . Thomas ' work for this essay will include his dissertation entitled `Summa Theologica ' and the concepts it presents on the question of God 's existence

Similarly , St . Anselm 's treatise on the same subject , entitled `Proslogium ' will be examined wherein he expounds on the existence of God through an ontological argument

To begin , the writer 's understanding of both philosophical concepts will be presented to give context

to the essay

St . Thomas Aquinas ' discussion on the existence of God and the nature of His existence is composed of a series of questions which he answers in the `Summa Theologica . These questions revolve around the subjects of man , his purpose , his relationship to God , compassion , theology and the Sacraments as well . Indeed , the Summa Theologica is St . Thomas Aquinas ' complete body of work and belief , which he must have hoped would lead fellow Christians to an understanding of God

For purposes of this essay , the first part of the Summa Theologica will be examined , starting with the second question which Thomas Aquinas presented , wherein he wishes to inform readers of the existence of God and then proceeds to provide five proofs

The first proof of God 's existence , according to St . Thomas , is that of motion . He explains that every object or entity is set into motion by another object or entity and the latter object may inflict force on another . This process is repeated continually and infinitely for all objects and enteritis - except for God . For St . Thomas Aquinas , God is considered the first mover , and he was not moved or may be moved by anyone or anything before or after Him

He then uses this same distinction in the question of causes wherein God is described as the first cause . Causes apparently acted and functioned in the same manner as motion , wherein they may extend infinitely in one direction but must originate from a single source , or at the very least start from one `mover . As God is designated this `first mover , He is also considered the first cause , or without a cause

ST . Thomas goes further again to explain the existence of all things He explains that this existence may only be possible because of a necessity . This necessity is borne out of other objects

One example may be clothing . Clothing would not exist if people did not have a need for it . If temperature was of no consequence then being unclothed all the time would not have any meaning and would be normal However , necessity created clothing as human beings needed some form of protection from the elements

However , St . Thomas Aquinas considered God a certain form of existence which did not warrant necessity that was actually necessity in itself For the author , this would mean that this necessity was God itself , and perhaps he caused everything else to be necessary in the...

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