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compare and contrast american culture and afghanistan culture as depicted in the novel `the kite runner`

Compare and Contrast American culture and Afghanistan Culture as depicted in the novel `the kite runner`

The story somehow gives a glimpse of both cultures , the American and the Afghanistan culture , though most of these are implicitly stated by the author of the novel . Let us looking at the pictures and the details one by one and start from the not-so-implicit statements that readily reveals the culture of both

The first chapter of the novel reveals that Amir , the leading character or the protagonist of the novel , has a Hazara servant named

Hassan who is always beside Amir that is why they becomes friend . Amir comes from the higher class of society (Magill Book Reviews . This scenario simply shows what system Afghanistan has at that time and what American does not have . This is the slavery system . Obviously , even today , most of the countries in the Middle East steal haves this but it goes a little milder since they are now calling them `servant ' which today has different context meaning than how it was used in the novel

Now , let us look at the differ things such as the values that are incorporated in the American and the Afghanistan culture and are somewhat depicted in the novel . The novel mainly focuses on the mishaps friendships and betrayal . I cannot readily stated if one of them or some of them are unique or have distinct characteristics at any of the culture but certainly , they are mainly classified as universal , that is it depends heavily really on the person and not only on the nation where they belong . But let us not forget the fact that cultures have a great role in shaping one 's personality . What I 'd like to point out is to look at how American and Afghan would react to the three things stated above . Based on the novel , Amir really is not courageous and that he loves literature more than any other physical things or sports except kite flying . Even though there are many misfortunes that happens throughout Amir 's life , he still faces all the challenges . From the moment he let Hassan down by not helping him while Assef is beating Hassan , to the suicidal attempt of the son of Hassan , Sohrab , Amir still put his best foot to battle the doubts and mishaps . Well , this is human nature . Even if American or Afghan is in this situation , he will surely kept the battle moving and eventually tries every means he can think of just to win the battle . Maybe , they can differ on how they will fight this battle . An Afghan , by the teaching of the Islam , might settle for a peaceful mean , while an American might do the same or set some ways , by all cost , to push what he wants

If we talk of friendship , we cannot set aside the concept of betrayal In the novel , there are many cases of betrayal - Amir to Hassan , Baba to Hassan as he hides his being...

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