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compare and contrast the `Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas` with the `Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin` ( two success stories and the difference slavery makes

Life of Frederick Douglas and Benjamin Franklin

May 21 , 2008

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass and Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Frederick Douglas and Benjamin Franklin were both successful in their chosen field . Douglas was only a small child when he started to realize that his master was keeping him ignorant . This factor encouraged him to reach his ambition of becoming one of the best and popular men . Frederick Douglas was very eager to earn and his one way that counted to his challenges when he was a child was

to trick the other children while playing the games of Alphabet for him to learn and be able to read . Through facing the challenges that started as simple these became more complex and at the same time dangerous as he became older , to deal with the Slave Breaker who used brutality in to condition the slaves upon full completion . Another way of Douglas is by allowing the oppressors while believing that he was then defeated but never allowed anyone took the humanity and dignity that he has . Douglas was separated from his mother at the infant stage until the start of the movement known as abolitionists

Unfortunately , Douglas was not able to write with the details until the final escape he made from slavery because of the worry regarding exposure of those who was able to assist him in flight . In another aspect , Douglas was then very successful and attained an excellent job to demonstrate the slavery as destructive in spirit that resulted from practicing the said slavery . As described by Douglas , they were required to meet the Master and the Slave Breaker but also those women as loving but then became cruel and at the same time hardened after accepting the fellow man as the only means of chattel . On the other hand , Benjamin Franklin was known as one of the remarkable human beings from Boston . With his effort of self study and learned from his own he became one of the respected scientists with his electrical experiments were able to

Life of Frederick Douglas and Benjamin Franklin


reach the international acclaim . One of his inventions is the so-called lightning rod termed as bifocals , the Franklin stove including the glass harmonica as well as odometer . Douglas started as the man described as self-made but became wealthy and then reached the first commercial printers in America (taken from page 832 . At Ten Years old , I vas taken home to assist my Father in his Business , which was that of a Tallow Chandler and SopeBoilcr .l A Business he was not bred to , but had assumed on his Arrival in New England and on finding his Dying .Trade would not maintain his Family , being in little Request . Accordingly I was employed in cutring Wick for the Candles , filling the Dipping Mold and the Molds for cast Candles , attending the Shop , going of Errands c . I dishk 'd the Trade and had a strong Inclination for the Sea...

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