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compare and contrast Flannery OConners Good Countery People and A Good Man is Hard to Find

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A Comparative Analysis of Flannery O 'Connor 's A Good Man is Hard to Find ' and Good Country People


Two of Flannery O 'Connor 's masterpieces , A Good Man is Hard to Find and Good Country People ' not only reflect the life and sentiments of the South in the mid 20th century but also lend themselves to a number of similarities and differences mainly on the subject of pretense violence and religion . This seeks to critically compare what aspects of the two masterpieces of O 'Connor

are similar and what are different . Furthermore , this seeks to explore what can be learned from such similarities and differences


The similarities that abound in both works of O 'Connor are in fact all negative yet it is said that this main characteristic of O 'Connor 's prose makes it chaste and severe and realistic in its working out of narrative (Friedman

The Idea of Pretense . Both works are similar when it comes to the presence of characters that are pretentious , selfish and manipulative characters

In A Good Man is Hard to Find ' almost all the characters , who are presumably Christian in religion , are actually evil deep inside . Among the characters , the grandmother seems to be the most deceitful . Aside from the fact that she criticizes Negroes (see The Negative Reference to Negroes , she tells two lies to her family . First , at the beginning of the story , she tries to convince her son Bailey not to...

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