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compare & contrast Essay


They say that art is more than an expression of physical work of an artist . A piece of work represents much more than just a piece of work to the artist and the audience in general . For an artist to product a piece of work that will really captivate the audience , they will have to take their time , sketch out the whole piece before applying the final details to fishing a fine product . These rough sketches assist the artist to produce the final work . In this we

are going to compare and contrast the work of Leonardo da Vinci 's Virgin and Child with St Anne and the infant Saint John which was worked on between 1505 and 1507 and Salvador Dali work of Madonna Corpusculaire worked on in 1952 . The two pieces of work can be taken as one of the greatest example of sketches which displays their brilliance and commitment to product fine art work . When the two sketches are looked closely they reveal some similarities and differences which mean that the two had the same theme but they saw the world differently

Leonardo da Vinci is one of the highly regard Renaissance art figure He is known as an established painter , inventor and all in all a scientist . He is known for other famous works which have been worldwide However prior to his work , he would often paint out sketches and cartons which gave him the preliminary idea on the...

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