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compare and contract the networking capabilities between UNIX and Windows


Operating systems are the software components of computer systems , which are responsible for the coordination of activities and the sharing of resources of computers . They serve as hosts for applications that are run on the machines . One purpose of operating systems includes handling details of the operation of the hardware . Thus , operating systems are the most important program that runs a computer as they perform basic tasks including input from keyboard , sending output to the screen keeping s and directories on the disk , and controlling devices such as

printers and disk drives

Two of the most common contemporary operating systems are UNIX and Microsoft Windows . The UNIX operating system lets a number of programmers to access the computer at the same time while sharing its resources . It coordinates the use of the computer 's resources , which allows a user , say , to edit a document while another creates graphics all at the same time . More so , UNIX controls the commands from all of the keyboards as well as the data being generated . Thus , the real-time sharing capability of UNIX makes it one of the most powerful operating systems today

Some of the most popular features of UNIX include multitasking capability , multi-user capability , portability , library of application software , and its own programs . The multitasking capability of UNIX lets a computer do several things simultaneously . It is a major feature the users appreciate as it lessens their time of work . The multi-user capability of UNIX permits multiple users to use the computer . The computer is able to take commands from multiple users including running programs , printing documents , and accessing s all at the same time UNIX 's portability permits the system to move from one brand of computer to another with minimum changes in codes . It allows upgrades in computers without inputting data over again . New versions of UNIX make upgrades easier for companies that use older versions of the operating system . The programs of UNIX can be classified into two : integral utilities and tools with additional capabilities . The integral utilities are necessary for the operation of the computer while the tools with additional capabilities such as e-mail and typesetting capabilities , are not necessary for the operation of UNIX however , it provides users additional benefits of the operating system

On the other hand , Microsoft Windows operating systems were founded as an add-on to the older operating system , MS-DOS . It dominates the personal computer market in the world . The most recent client version of Windows is Windows Vista while the most recent server version is Windows Server 2008

The major features of Microsoft Windows , specifically its new versions include improved magnification capabilities , new speech recognition that allows users to interact with their computers through their voices , ease of access center that allows users to see , hear , and use computers , and improved text-to-speech capabilities through Microsoft Narrator

It is truly difficult to pick the better operating system between UNIX and Microsoft Windows . The choice depends on the needs of the user The...

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