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compare and contrast between ACT1 and ACT2 in Samual Becketts play Waiting for Godot

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17 October 2008

Compare and Contrast between ACT1 and ACT2 in Samual Becketts play Waiting for Godot

Samuel Beckett 's Waiting for Godot was meant to represent the bleakness and the repetition of one 's senseless life . This play , despite its redundancy , is filled with symbolism and such profundity that despite 2 acts that seem exactly the same , audiences are kept in their seats fascinated by the action , or the lack of it thereof , on stage

The main reason for this is that , there are subtle differences between

br Act 1 and Act 2 of the play . However , these subtle and seemingly insignificant changes in the plot have great and deep meaning that

To be able to appreciate these changes , it is imperative to understand the first act

The first acts sets up the theme of the whole play . It begins with 2 vagabonds , Vladimir (Didi ) and Estragon (Gogo , talking by the street near a dead tree as they wait for a man named Godot . While waiting Didi and Gogo talk about numerous things , the more important point being that the tree by which they are standing by is dead and can no longer weep that there were 2 thieves that died beside Christ and only one Evangelist out of 4 said that one of the thieves were saved that they had better lives before that they cannot leave the area because they are waiting for Godot , who they don...

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