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cigarette smoke not only harms the smokers health but also the person breathing the second hand smoke


The Dangers of Active and Passive Smoking





The Dangers of Active and Passive Smoking


People have always questioned the effects of cigarette smoking . While smokers definitely gain something out of it , non-smokers are concerned with the risks it poses on human health . Smoking not only affects the smoker 's health but also those who are exposed to the smoke it generates . In the United States alone , cigarette smoking is responsible for up to

430 ,000 deaths annually (Ockene and Miller , 1997 . The many health risks of cigarette smoking is recognized by health experts and governments worldwide , but further clinical and empirical researches have continuously shown that passive smoking presents the same , if not worse , health risks as active smoking

Cigarette smoking is considered to be the single , most preventable cause of death in the United States and in many countries . Cigarettes contain about 4 ,000 chemical agents , about 60 of which are carcinogens - cancer causing chemicals . Many of the substances found in cigarettes such as carbon monoxide , tar , arsenic and lead are toxic to the human body Perhaps the most harmful of these substances is nicotine , a drug that is naturally present in tobacco plants and functions as an anti-herbivore chemical . Nicotine is highly toxic that it has been used as pesticide in the past . In low concentrations , however , nicotine has desirable effects including increasing alertness , an aid to relaxation , as antidepressant and reducing positive symptoms...

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