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Development of violent behaviors by adolescents and young adults

There have been studies conducted to find out the cause of violent behavior among adolescents and young adults . This is necessitated by the increased rates of violence experienced among many people Criminologists claim that increased violent behaviors contribute to the rise of crime . For instance , there has been increased crime among the young people in the recent times . According to a research that was carried out on the victim cost of

crime reveals that that the cost of an average chronic juvenile offender who commits crime between seven years and seventeen years amounted to 1 .25 million in 2000 in the United States of America . Violence in this case , refers to any behavior that uses force to commit crime . For instance , robbery , attacking with intent to injure or rape . Most adolescents and young adults form this violent behavior because of being exposed to violence . This may be either in school or in the society (Michael , 6-9 . The violent behavior , which many young people have , contributes greatly to the high rise in crime The paper will look at how exposure to violence leads to the development of violent behavior

There are many factors that contribute to formation of behaviors in an individual . The main factors that contribute to the behavior of an individual include genetics and the environment . The environment in which a person grows is very crucial in determining the behavior formed...

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