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Paper Topic:

Does childrens tv viewing affect academic performance?

Statement of the Problem : Television has evolved from being a mass medium of entertainment to being a primary source not just of entertainment , but information and education as well . Today 's generation of youth have assumed this lifestyle , associating television as a form of infotainment - educating , while at the same time entertaining them

Purpose Scope of Work : The purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between television viewing and academic performance among children . In determining television viewing , measures such as frequency of television viewing , programs watched , duration of TV

watching , and time slots often watched will be utilized . Academic performance meanwhile , will be measured through respondents (children ) grades given per term , per subject

Sources Methods of Data Collection : Cluster of schools will used in the survey sample , surveying students into two groups : the first group comprising of 1st to 3rd graders and the second group composed of 4th to 6th graders . These groupings will determine differences between groups and within respondents /subjects

Preliminary Outline : I . Does TV viewing affect academic performance II . Pro of Respondents III . TV Viewing Habits of Respondents A Frequency of watching TV B . Programs watched C . Duration of TV Watching D . Time slots usually watched IV . Academic Performance of Respondents A . Overall grade B . Grade per subject C . Overall performance in school V . Synthesis : Relationship of Respondents ' TV Viewing and Academic Performance

Timeline : Pre-testing of Survey Questionnaire- 2-3 weeks Social Preparation and Issuance of Consent Forms- 1-2 weeks Data collection- 1-3 months Data Analysis- 1 month Report Writing- 1 month...

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