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child development observation



Child Development Observation _______________________ Name ________________________

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Child Development Observation


To best result on how to determined child development comes into the notion that will observe on the child 's behavior on the way he does . The study prevails in the existing observations basing on the actual and the normative development of the child . Comparison of these would give best-fitted child 's development as expected by parents to behave the way they do as a child p

A child is a special gift from God . It must be the fruit of love from a man and a woman who are in love . When a child is born we can 't tell child 's capability as individuals until they is grown up Moreover , basing on Tillotson point of view about human beings , he said human beings are created as unique individuals whose adaptation for survival in both dependent on the self and interdependent on other members (The Value of Human Life , Tammy Tillotson , http goinside .com /02 /1 /mental .html . Through these ideas , a child survives if he will able to adopt his environment , stand to be not just guided by others but only by his own . Existing child means he for one be the winner among the rest . Continue to live and survive though he is surrounding by influences of his external and internal forces surrounds his being

Studying a child 's development would mean to have a keen observations on actual compared to the normative child development . Here showed the expectation occurs on the child itself . Basing on the actual observation done it would be likely compared to the normative child 's development

Such child 's observation made has come across a milestone before having such valid and free from criticism since it was actually observe then compared the result to the normative child 's development Finding would be properly provoked basing on what has been existing Here will come out the determination of the child mastery on a certain given aspect of his life to being unique person

The parents took a risk to know what aspect in the child he showed interest and a need to develop so the child grown does not deviate from the standard norms . Comparison to one other on the child 's observation would deal fully on the comparison of every child 's development aspect that brings that child inner and outer self as well Bringing up on this study the comparison to the actual observation of the normative development of the child 's life

Summarizing child 's dement would be meaning the on one invidiously existing . Finding follows to whether the child 's development deviates from the normative child 's development as well

The results would tend to help in planning to overcome the child 's development all aspect occurs to every child in general . In return parents can determine how to support in adopting the childdoes individuality exist...

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