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is child behavior better or worse than it was years ago?







From parents to the general public , almost everyone is observing a change in today 's children in terms of behavior compared to their childhood years . One evident theme is that child behavior has changed now compared to the way it was several years . The main question however remains on which direction the behavior has changed . Is it for better or for worse ? Engaging in a debate regarding on whether child behavior have become better or worse will lead you to experiencing rather

tough comments that are either blaming parents or that are too hard on children behavior . Child behavior has no doubt become worse than it was several years ago . From the mere complaints by parents and the public to more concrete evidence , one is left with no doubt that today 's child is portraying a worse behavior pattern compared to a child some years ago .Child behavior is worse

Children in this era are bigheaded and have no regards for those who are older than them . They in fact feel that they have the capacity to control their parents and their teachers . Children are viewing themselves as adults making them want to behave like adults yet they are not . These are views that are not only upheld by the current parents but also by the grandparents who generally view today 's children as behaving more disrespectfully . It should be noted that the issue here is not whether the parents are more accountable and...

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