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characteristics of social psychology

Social Psychology

According to the Social Psychology network , social psychology is the branch of psychology that studies persons and their relationships with others and with groups and with society as a whole . The field takes a multidisciplinary approach , with most of its practitioners coming from the psychology background . Its aim is to understand how individuals thoughts , feelings , and behavior are influenced by other people in their social realm

The four key characteristics of social psychology frame the emerging perspectives : the sociocultural , the evolutionary , the social learning and social-cognitive . The sociocultural

focuses on the norms and cultural interchanges that form our notions of experience and learning The evolutionary perspective argues that our behavior is formed through genetics and inheritance and focuses on biological influences while the social learning perspective says that we form our understanding based on our unique experiences growing up through observation and mimicry as well as through inheritance . Lastly , the social-cognitive perspective traces our information processing and attempts to gauge our perceptions and judgments

The role of situationism has gained traction in the field of social psychology because it refers to an approach to personality that holds that people are more influenced by external , situational factors than by internal traits or motivations . In this way it attempts to bridge the gap between the four key characteristics of social psychology . It is highly contextual and externally dependant while at the same time focusing on the individual 's responses and perceptions of a given moment

The five core social motives...

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