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challenges of leading groups in a criminal justice organization

Running Head : Challenges of Leading Groups in Criminal Justice Organization






The leading groups of a criminal Justice organization consist mainly of the police (law enforcement agencies ) prisons , courts and correctional facilities . A major challenge facing the criminal justice community (police departments , prisons , courts and correctional facilities ) is there different information needs and the different users of IT . As such , IT systems to meet their roles and objectives must precisely be in the line with the mission and vision statements (characteristics ) of the

institution in question . The wide and diverse area that embraces the criminal justice system defies simplistic approaches towards adoption and evaluation . A few fundamental strategies have adoption and evaluation . A few fundamental strategies have developed in the IT fraternity to ease development efforts

User involvement

Matching system requirements to organizational goals

Pro-con analysis of system development

With the new face that crime is taking in the world today the need for information sharing across multiple agencies and the need to integrate justice information needs at federal , state and local level cannot be over looked . Interoperability among law enforcement organization in different facets of society poses a great threat to criminal justice organization (Stojkovic 2003

Because information sharing and collaborative efforts among law enforcement , justice is pivotal- the vital role to connect bits and pieces of intelligence information and evidence to prevent and gain insight of organized crime-encroaches use of IT by law enforcement an important role in keeping countries safe from high pro organized crime , terrorism etc . Investment employed to improve law enforcement organizations to share information and carry out critical duties is important to ensure wise spread to achieve a higher cost-benefit ratio It is increasing critical to design and implement and roll out IT tools to incorporate monitoring and evaluations systems to endure that such actions contribute to public safety effectively

A major issue that has risen in modern times to carryout preventive mechanisms to avert crime involves the violation of privacy . Security agencies all over the world is know to carry out illegal domestic spying programs . Security agencies have been secretly monitoring , intercepting phone and e-mail communications of their citizens without obtaining appropriate judicial approvals . This is against data privacy and protection act

Whilst there actions can be justified in case to combat dangerous attacks (say terrorists attack ) within its bs it raises alarming ethical issues . Such programs threaten to undermine the fundamental principles of a just legal system . Justice dictates that persons accused by the state of wrongdoing have access to legal services and each service serves to its capacity as effective if attorney-client communicators are conducted in confidence , uninhibited by fears that government agents are listening in each spy programs though justified have sparked international furor and has been condemned by all and sundry

Another fundamental issue that has arisen is does the correctional system justify its existence ' Cases exist that ex-felons after terms of confinement and then entrusted to the public again end up in less than...

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