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celibacy requirement for Roman catholic preists should be eliminated

Arguing for the Advantages of Celibacy for Priests and Their Community

Dan Brown 's novel , The Da Vinci Code , has attracted many people to focus their attention on the faith of the Roman Catholics , most especially the priests . One of the nagging issues that have been repeatedly brought up was the probability of Jesus Christ to have sired a child by Mary Magdalene . This idea strongly attacks one of the basic foundations of priesthood - celibacy . Although Jesus Christ never explicitly said that his followers should embrace chastity , the Roman Catholic Church has

mandated that all of its priests practice celibacy because of their duties as the representative of Jesus in their communities . Considered to be an outdated notion amongst liberalists the abolition of this vow may actually help enliven Catholic communities should the matter be actually given merit

Presently undergoing a shortage of priests , the Roman Catholic Church in the U .S . needs to find a way to revive interest in the priestly job . In the book written in 1993 by Richard Schoenherr and Lawrence Young entitled Full Pews and Empty Altars , the authors predicted that by 2005 the number of active diocesan clergy would be 21 ,000 , down 40 percent since 1965 (Feuerherd , 2003 , para . 1 . Young and Schoenherr made a conservative prediction because resignations , old age and fatalities have advanced the statistics to two years ahead of their forecast . Many of the reasons cited by those who resigned and young men who do not want to become priests tackle the vow of chastity . It seems that celibacy is considered by most as a hindrance . An example is Savio Russo who was a priest for fourteen years before he resigned and decided to build his own family . He blames that loneliness on the celibacy required of priests drove him from the priesthood (Horn , 2004 , para . 4 Should the Roman Catholic Church reconsider its firm stand on celibacy there is quite a big chance that it would be able to recruit more men to handle parish work as priests

The problem with priest shortage actually results to worse problems for the Roman

Catholic Church because this is forcing worshippers to travel longer distances to attend Mass , and parishes with limited access to a priest are holding fewer worship services as each priest 's responsibilities are stretched by the shortage (Feyerick , 2000 , para . 4 . This kind of condition can discourage believers from active participation and thus lessen the strength of the church

Complete celibacy is when a person abstains from any kind of sexual behavior , including masturbation (University of Pennsylvania , 2004 para . 1 . Avoiding normal body functions such as reproductive activity or even masturbation can cause prostate blockage and painful wet dreams (Liberated Christians , 1997 , para . 4 . This is what causes most priests to eventually turn back on their vows . Some who would rather stay in the Church 's fold are then tempted to have secret relations with women that usually end in either scandals or worse , illegitimate children...

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