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causes for immigration or the effects of immigration

Chinese Immigration and Its Effects

Remember that when you say "I will have of this exile and this stranger for his face is not like my face and his speech is strange you have denied America with that word . This quotation by Stephen Vincent Benet reflects what the United States is often said to be , the nation of immigrants . On of the unique communities , which contribute to cultural diversity of the United States , is the Chinese one . In the current essay I intend to focus on what outcome the settlement of the

Chinese had during the first and the second wave of Chinese immigration Guided by the relevant evidence , I 'm going to state that the main effects of this ethnic group 's coming to the United States are the growth of a number of industries due to cheap labor , the development of farming through their cultivation of swampy waste lands and the expansion of communication between different parts of the country due to their participation in railroad construction . Besides , I would like to show how the Chinese immigrants indirectly contributed to promotion of democratic values and human rights

Like most of other post-war immigrants to the United States , the Chinese were lured by the promise of Gan Sann or Gold Mountain , which can be considered as poetically expressed Oriental analogy of the American Dream . The mountain was gold indeed , however , because Californian Gold Rush was in full fling . Not all were adventurous enough to go seeking gold . Part of the immigrants was looking for less risky economic opportunities and turned into hired industrial workers . Nevertheless this group of the population was equally attracted by the hyped-up image of America as the land of opportunity . The euphoria usually ends when they face up real life in foreign land but in case with the modest Chinese it lasted longer because for many of them twenty dollars a year was their Gold Mountain . So , nothing put them off until the infamous Chinese Exclusion Act was passed by the Congress in 1882 . But they managed to make a tremendous contribution to many spheres of their new Motherland before and long after the adoption of this sad law . Let us consider in more detail the effects brought by the Chinese immigration

First of all , the cultural diversity of the United States would be much poorer without Chinese presence . As is well known the nation belongs to those who reluctantly assimilate within alien culture and thus prefer to live separately , following their traditions and lifeway habits Partially the Chinese Americans chose the conservative lifestyle themselves partially it was because they were literally forced to live in ghettos to survive because of hostile attitude to them the Gold Rush time 's competition caused . Anyway , the devotion to their culture didn 't only help them to keep their own identity but also influenced other Americans at different levels . It 's not necessarily the level available only to highly educated compatriots but also the level of pop...

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