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what are the causes or effects of people in the u.s. eating `junk`(unhealthy) food

p The Issue of Junk Food

To a great degree , the over consumption of junk food has become the root cause of an untold number of problems that have manifested in the public . In a way , it is because of the public 's seeming addiction to junk food that aid weight and health related problems that these problems are as common as they are today . In to understand when junk food becomes dangerous , one needs to look at what exactly junk food is and how to eliminate it from a person 's diet

p Junk is essentially food that is processed and loaded with fat and sugar . An example of processing includes the bleaching of brown flower to white flour and , accordingly , the replacement of natural sugars with refined white sugar . The main purpose for this process is not to better the food , but to keep the food on the shelf longer without the food spoiling . In other words , the profit motive is what directs companies to release such manufactured food to the public

When food is removed from its natural state and processed for a longer shelf life , many of the nutrients that such food is intended to deliver is eliminated . Furthermore , the food 's additives drive the calorie count of the food way up . So , before eating a steady diet of junk food that is high in sugar and fats , one needs to realize that it will surely lead to obesity

So , it is best for the public to avoid these types of food for the betterment of the public 's health . The public , however , is usually attracted to the refined taste (and excessive marketing campaigns ) of junk food so they react accordingly and purchase junk food products . It also helps the junk food industry that natural products are usually much higher in price and harder to find at convenience stores

While no one wants to play follow the obese leader , most people are unfamiliar with healthy habits because they have never been exposed to such habits before . So what should people do to avoid the problem of junk food addiction ? First , the public must recognize the fact that junk food is real bad for diet and health and to adopt a zero tolerance policy towards junk food . If purchasing higher quality food is what is required , then the person make special preparations in stockpile ' quality food in the `fridge after a shopping trip rather than purchase from low grade fast food shops while on the run

In for junk food to lose its hold on the United States ' public the public must reject eating junk food as a regular staple of diet This would require a great change on the part of the public 's perception of junk food and that is a daunting task

To a great degree , it would be helpful if the government cracked down on the very irresponsible behavior that large food companies have been responsible for . However , our society is one...

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