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What caused the downfall of Oedipus? Was it the Gods or himself and why?

Oh , oh , then everything has come out true . Light , I shall not look on you Again . I have been born where I should not be born , I have been married where I should not marry , I have killed whom I should not kill now all is clear (Sophocles , 32 . Oedipus was dead , as he couldn 't enjoy his life benefits on the other hand he was not dead in a usual meaning of death . Being blind he belonged neither to this word nor to the other word , thus his suffering was not finished even

at the end of the play . The downfall of Oedipus was thus unequalled , as was different from the other tragic heroes and certainly appealed more to the audience , causing deep pity and sympathy for the hero

Initially , an intelligent and self-assured Athenian due to his characters could be actually a successful ruler of the country . The irony of the fate is that exactly these characteristics of him caused his downfall . The sphinx was used by the author as a metaphor presenting the three aspects of the life of Oedipus as a tragic person . In the play the sphinx suggested solving the riddle for all people , who wanted to become the rules of Thebes "What is it that walks on 4 feet and 2 feet and 3 feet and has only one voice , when it walks on most feet it is the weakest (Buchanan , 17 . Oedipus turned out to be the only one , who found the correct answer to it - man . However this riddle was closely related to the life of the main hero . A child , being very small , walks on four feet , besides he is too weak and depends completely on other people around him . Oedipus was the son of Jocasta and Laius and was supposed...

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