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cause and effect of racism


Racism has been defined as discriminatory or abusive behavior towards members of another race . It is a social problem which has eaten deeply into nations societal values . Many great activists and social crusaders like Colin Powell , Martin Luther King Jr , and Malcolm X have , in one way or the other , suffered from racism . Children and adults alike are not left out of this discrimination . Racism takes different kinds of forms . It may be the plight of the African American slaves and the injustices they suffered , or the

fate of black pupils in the hands of their white counterparts

This essay intends to cursorily look at the various causes and effects of racism in our society . It must be quickly pointed out at this juncture that it would be nearly impossible to pinpoint one specific cause for racism as there are several that affect different people . Most causes of racism are related to various upbringing and beliefs parents and people around us had . Young children observe their parents speaking negatively about a specific social class or group and then the child adopts this negativity as their own . Thus , the development and expression of prejudice toward others often stems from this `unholy interaction

Another cause of racism may be the idea or view that prejudice sometimes stems from direct competition between social group over scarce and valued resources (Joel , 2001 . This is based on the idea that prejudice is caused by the idea that a certain social class or group is competing over resources . Although this is a very important cause of racism , it is scarcely considered by most people as such

Furthermore , another very important cause of racism is social categorization . This is when the people divide themselves into two specific categories in the social world . This salient cause of racism can be summarized in two words : `us and them . This occurs when people distinguish is when the people distinguish themselves as belonging to the in-crowd and view all others in a negative light

The effects of racism are everywhere . In schools , on the streets , at work places , in politics , it is everywhere . For example , a teacher in Chicago was fired from her job because she calls some students who are Mexicans , criminals . She goes further to say that they were born to scrub floors . In the academic field for instance , some black student students lack the motivation and confidence to do well because they have had so many negative experiences in school

Also , Racism deeply affects the way students learn and how they will see themselves for the rest of their lives . It affects the student 's outlook on life . Racism is a cankerworm that has eaten deep into our social life . Therefore , all hands must be on deck to make sure that this social vice is greatly reduced to a barest minimum . There are recent reports of black students scoring lower in reading assessments than white students This could be the cause of black...

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