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cause and effect essay


GOING TO COLLEGE Why go to college or pursue a higher degree of education ? This is a very logical question that generations of people have been asking . Over and over again this question has been put on the table to examine . Going to college costs a lot of money and a person would not just spend such a great deal of money on something if they did not think that it was valuable enough . College is hard work , requiring endless hours of reading , studying , writing , taking tests , and

attending class . This valuable time could be spent on something else . However , if going to college were not that valuable and important , then why are so many people "wasting " their time trying to get a college education ? Although not everyone takes this route to pursue a greater extent of education those who do , experience the benefits after their hard work and dedication . In the past , and still today , those who attend college and get a degree have a greater likelihood of finding better jobs , being financially stable , and gaining very important knowledgeable skills These are only a few reasons out of the endless reasons of why it is beneficial to pursue a higher degree of education . Going to college allows for many doors of opportunities to open up in life Society is changing at a very rapid rate . More and more jobs and careers ask for and require and education beyond that of a high school level . Businesses are becoming more demanding when it comes to hiring which is absolutely understandable . It is a known fact that has been researched that if a person goes to college and has a degree that they will be likely to obtain better paying jobs . Those who graduate from college have a greater variety of jobs to select from than those individuals who choose not to continue a higher level of education Attending college makes the responsibility to obtaining a job a lot easier . With this , comes the advantage of getting and keeping a good job . From that , it makes it possible to find even better jobs later on in life . Also , with a degree , it will be quicker and more efficient to get hired , as opposed to those who do not have the necessary college experiences to fulfill the job requirements . A person will have the choice of how much money they wish make and get paid , depending on the career that they choose . If one wishes to get paid even better , there is always the possibility of going back to school and choosing a career path that is higher up the scale . Often times , with enough knowledge and credentials , companies will call you and will want you to work for them

Better jobs also means higher and better pay as well . If a person gets paid more because they have a degree , then they would not have to work just to get paid the minimun wage . In other words , they...

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