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cause and effect of endangered animals

Running : Cause and effect of endangered animals






Cause and effect of endangered animals

Endangered animals are those animal species , which are facing a danger of extinction because their numbers are continually diminishing or they are faced with a variety of challenges that threaten their own survival (Burgess , 2003 . There are a number of reasons that make a species endangered . In this essay , I will discuss the main of these and then analyze some of the effects of animals being endangered

One of the

reasons why animals become endangered is overexploitation by human beings . For example , the white rhino has been hunted for its horn so much that the number of white rhinos remaining is very few (Burgess 2003 . Other animals are hunted for meat . Another cause of animals becoming endangered is lack of sufficient food . When an animal species lacks sufficient food , reproduction rates diminish and death by starvation becomes rampant . Numbers then dwindle , causing a threat to survival . The third reason is destruction of an animal species ' habitat (Burgess , 2003 . The animal species ' natural life is interrupted , and it cannot reproduce proactively . This has been the case with mountain gorillas whose mountain forest habitat has been destroyed significantly in tropical Africa , leading to their being endangered

When an animal species becomes endangered , there are a variety of effects . First , the species that depends on it for food faces a danger of extinction , while the species the endangered species depends on for food increases prolifically...

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