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case stydy

Analysis provided by (your name


Person Assumption (1-2 sentences

Kelly 1 . The inability to develop the new product by the month of August is due to the insufficiency of materials

2 . There is an agreement to design only one feature by August . In to develop new product we should follow testing stage , planning and much more

3 . We must be sure that our new product will meet all standards and customer needs

4 . Even thought Pat is very creative , her report shows a complete lack of knowledge on

how software works

5 . IScanner became a leader of retinal scanner security devices because of its fast processing software

6 . Planning investments is not enough Pat 1 . AcuScan needs to expand its technology into new markets and become a leader by creating a new product

2 . Should look for outside software design firms to help us develop the software to bring iScanner into the retail environment

3 . Our programmers are the best they will be able to develop a new product by August

4 . According to our programmers , they will make some time to work on a new product

5 . In to become a leader , we must complete all features ( not only one ) by August

6 . A new product will save company

7 . Find a better way to do old things in a new way

8 . Affordable investments

9 . New product will have unique features Cliff 1 . Transition into retail business with a new product

2 . Cutting budget by 15 due to short term budget crisis . Every expenditure must be evaluated

3 . Strong potential existed to use iscanner technology and equipment in retail Chris 1 . Cut budget instead of laying off existing employee

2 . Every department must look deeply at their expenses in to reduce budget by 15

3 . We must meet our Arguments

Person Argument (2-5 sentences

Kelly We have inadequate number of staff every engineer is working for a specific customer . It is impossible to develop most features for the new product Pat Trying to develop a new product to save a company , to become a leader in the market . Even though we advocate on cutting the budget , it is believed that new products can be developed because we have the best programmers Cliff Looking for a new product in to increase revenue from product sales and service revenue . For extreme situations , one should take extreme action Chris AcuScan needs to expand its technology into new markets . Must quickly react due to a decrease in profit margin and an increase in overhead costs . He wants to work with Kelly because Kelly is the expert on the iScanner .Evaluate Arguments listed above (do not have to re-write argument

Person Sound or unsound ? Why ? Logical or un-logical ? Why

Kelly Yes his argument is sound because the company will experience financial and economic difficulties in developing the product in six months

Yes , logical due to inadequacy of the number of staff due to budget cuts and employee layoffs...

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