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case study

The British Airways Swipe Card Debacle Case Study

This presents the British Airways (BA ) swipe card debacle case study . From each change perspective , the key issues to understanding the wildcat strike are the following

In the matter of organization development , lesser amount of regard on BA personnel such as the non-implementation of clocking-in mechanisms is apparent . The BA management has failed to disseminate the information about the new policy implementation on swipe cards . The destruction that BA had faced certainly resulted from an entrenched conviction by the staff that the BA

administration have neglected to care for their continuing safekeeping and fell short undeniably to run the company in an effective and economical system

Concerning sense making , BA 's utilization of swipe cards is a rational policy since in the long run , the execution of swipe cards will still be functional . Swipe cards are especially advantageous for protected areas like the British Airways to avoid interlopers or illegal entry In change management , the BA administration however had projected a well dealing with the new policy . There had been initially a disinclination to undertake amendments because of the mess nevertheless the firm had currently crossed the obstruction and attained the changes it considered necessary

On the other hand , the main problem in the subject of contingency is that BA did not have a contingency plan when the strike happened . Thus contributing to greater cost of restoring all the bad effects which the wildcat strike had caused rather than a lesser amount for the prevention of what might have occurred . According to Cable News Network in 2005 , BA Chief Executive Rod Eddington has prepared the most deep-seated adjustments over the previous periods of any European net transporter reducing thousands of occupations to facilitate dropping its elevated expenditure source . On the contrary , the conflict with coalitions has flickered uncertainties of supplementary walkouts and more deficits

And lastly in the processual aspect , collective bargaining process of negotiation was achieved

Assuming that a particular person has been retained as a change consultant by BA management , the appointed person-in-charge should advise them on how to avoid such a situation in the future . The lessons which emerge from each perspective in constructing advices to BA management are as follows . In organization development , information dissemination should be properly carried out . It is highly recommended that every proposed policy by the firm regarding its workers must be communicated first to the workers themselves

In sense making , the BA management should also have reflection on its workers especially the women since a considerable figure of women was distressed by the planned modification in the documentation scheme (Palmer , Dunford , and Akin , 2006 . Those workers are searching for keeping whatever liberty they can have in terms of their personal class of living external to the labor hours

In contingency , BA may hire permanent strikebreakers to replace striking workers . It is increasingly common for management to hire labor management consultants who specialize in mounting aggressive anti-union drives to dissuade workers from unionizing...

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