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case study

Case Study


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Case 1 : Viagra

This case is about the brand Viagra and how Pfizer was able to be the market leader with the passage of time . The scope of the customers was very broad for Viagra as there were almost 40 males who had erectile dysfunction in the United States . Therefore Viagra began preparing the product on a large scale as there was anticipation of a great market demand . The customer value was expected to be very high because the

br prior treatments for erectile dysfunction were difficult such as vacuum therapy , surgical implants and injections . The pricing of the final product was done on the basis of the great research and development expenditure and the high cost of marketing . Pfizer was able to make sales amounting to more than US 1 billion in 1999 and hence the term `blockbuster ' was given to Viagra

Case 2 : Eclipse Aviation

Founded in 1998 , Eclipse Aviation was a player in small aircraft industry . The company intended to develop economical aircrafts and create customer value through offering the price that was one-third of what the competitors were offering . The scope of the customers consisted of commercial passengers who were expecting a cheaper alternative to flying and had requirements of direct travelling between non-hub cities Most of the owners of personal jets were unique and were regular travelers . The pricing , performance guarantee ad the design of the Eclipse 500 generated a backlog of s for the company . In...

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