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case assignment

Case Assignment I : Netflix

Describe the elements of the exchange process as they occur between Netflix and its customers

Discussion Note : At Netflix , a customer is able to create his wish list The customer is delivered the DVDs with a return-addressed pre-stamped envelope so that once the customer finishes viewing the movies he can put the movies in that envelope and mail it to Netflix . Once these movies reach Netflix 's distribution warehouses , the DVDs are scanned and the customer is sent next top movies on his wish list again with an

br envelope

Which marketing management philosophy does Netflix subscribe to

Discussion Note : Netflix uses Marketing Concept ' because the supply for DVD rentals is much more than the demand for it but they have tried to understand the needs for the customers who focus more on comfort and after understanding these needs , they have designed a system to fulfill these demands

How does Netflix 's approach to relationship marketing increase customer satisfaction

Discussion Note : Netflix has allocated ten sales representatives to call-back to customers to tell them how their complaint could have been avoided and the solution of the complaint . Moreover , they are not just focusing on an individual they are focusing on his family and social circle . One family can have an account with Netflix with separate wish lists for each family member and this helps to establish a stronger bond between the company and the customer . In addition to this , the customer can also share his preferences , ratings and titles , etc within his social circle and this helps in getting more contact with the customer

Case Assignment II- Kandy Kastle

To what category of new products does the Spin Pop belong

Discussion Note : Spin Pop belongs to the category of interactive candy toys which are part of the non-chocolate segment of US candy market

Based on what you read in the case , what do you think Kandy Kastle 's new product development strategy is ? Why do you think the development of the Hello Kitty product line is so important

Discussion Note : Kandy Kastle 's new product development strategy is a mix of core market growth (New Product Development Strategy ) and new market creation (New Product Development Strategy ) because the candies were already present in the market and the company is just bringing some improvements to them , however , they are trying to introduce a new concept of candy with toys added to them which will be categorized as creating a new product niche

Visit www .KandyKastle .com and review the product s . Discuss the characteristics that influence their rate of adoption and predict and explain their rates of acceptance and diffusion

Discussion Note : The characteristics that influence adoption of Kandy Kastle 's products include product variety because they have many different kinds of candies and in each candy they have various colors flavors , and shapes which can attract different customers . Moreover they also have candies for different occasions such as Christmas Halloween , Easter , etc which helps them in becoming...

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