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capture mark recapture

Last but not the least , there is another factor which delimits the viability of the capture-mark-recapture ' method : the method assumes that the population is either open or closed , meaning there may or may not be deaths and immigration in the population of the organisms which can influence the actual size of the population . Thus , before determining the specific details of the method , it should first be ascertained whether the population of the organisms to be studied is either open or close . If the population is considered to be open then the researcher

should make certain adjustments so that the number of animal deaths and animal immigration are taken into account

Yet even though there may be limitations on the accuracy of the capture-mark-recapture ' method , researchers can still choose to modify the sampling techniques as well as the formula used in determining the size of the population of organisms as with the case of open populations (Crosbie Manly , 1995 ,

. 387 . One advantage is that the capture-mark-recapture ' method is open to any form of adjustments , such as adjustments on the traps to be used or the bait to be put inside these traps , as well as the markings or tags that will be applied on the animals . All of these things depend on the discretion and on the best knowledge of the researcher . By adjusting the method according to the requirements of the factors involved , the researcher may actually avoid encountering loopholes in the process and arrive at a substantial estimate of the size of the organism 's population (Boulanger , et al , 2004 ,

. 459

The application of the capture-mark-recapture ' method is not only limited to wild animals it can also be applied on the human society in general or , more specifically , in determining the number of patients with certain types...

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