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business final

Running Head : Career Development






Importance of community involvement in career development

Community involvement is an important component of career development Leadership skills developed in the service projects allow one to comprehend the dynamics of groups and teams . Interaction with other students and people of various walks of life leads to development of better communication skills ( HYPERLINK "http /www .business .tepper www .business .tepper

It also enables one to make use of business skills and knowledge to obtain practical results . Involvement in

community activities increases ones knowledge base because some activities expose one to things they did not know about before

Community involvement and social responsibility are presently areas that are critical in the career development of complete managers and leaders Involvement in them at early stage of one 's career helps one to start to understand these ideas . Participating in community work provides opportunities to meet the leaders and managers who are responsible for achievement of goals and those in a position to hire one for a job enhancing networking , an important process of career development

Presently , I am involved with Junior Achievement whose purpose is to educate young people to value free enterprise . I use my personal experiences and training to make the Junior Achievement curriculum practical . By providing children with role models , Junior Achievement helps to build self confidence , increases their work readiness and increase levels of financial readiness . All these lead to more robust community in terms of economic development because the children are empowered with the skills on how to create jobs and how to impact the world around them as workers and consumers

Involvement in Junior Achievement has impacted my career in various ways . It has increased my knowledge on finance issues as I have to prepare well before instructing the students . Also my communication skills have been tested and well-developed due to the challenges involved in passing a message to young people

The list of people who could be potential employers has also been added as I have met other volunteers in the JA program

Opportunities for further involvement in community development include working with Net Impact Service Corps . It is an initiative to provide pro-bono consulting help to local , non-profit organizations HYPERLINK "http /www .business .tepper .The " www .business .tepper .The consulting projects are related to finance , marketing , new program development , business planning , fundraising and strategic planning

Another opportunity would be involvement at a careers centre where my contribution would be giving advice to students as they charted a career path for themselves

Impact of dual-career family on children

Families where both parents have careers are becoming more the rule than exception nowadays . While the impact of a two-career family on children may not always be positive once in a while , more often than not , the results are negative

First , a two career family may leads to the child spending most of his childhood in daycare due to parents being away at work . Children in daycare suffer from...

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