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is business ethics an oxymoron

Therefore , it is by all means , it is not oxymoronic

Assessment on business ethics as used in the context of contemporary schema

As an enduring medium for discussing business issues , allow me to quote a first-rate journal that has an objective "to promote ethical business practices , to serve that growing community of professionals striving to live and work in responsible ways , and to create a financially healthy company in the process " It can be seen that they presented "character ' and "individual virtue " as the best means to guarantee individual and national well-being

, as alternatives to wide-spread property ownership and enlightened self-interest . They softened the blow of the oxymoronic of business ethics ' while providing the rationale to maintain faith in self and in the efficacy of the new social

Success manuals taught that in business , money should not be the goal or the priority - of course it would hypocritical if one would thoroughly eradicate the wonders of it - but then again , ethics build up the foundation of the business as well as the internal and external relations . It will later manifest a boom the finances given the successful application of theories and should therefore be its backbone

The higher role of corporate roles and personal virtues

A business enthusiast and an experienced influential public icon in Moscow regarded business ethics as - a right way and a wrong way of doing business - which was commonly regarded in Russia as a luxury for rich countries ADDIN EN .CITE Laczniak7Gene R LaczniakPatrick E . Murphy Ethical Marketing Decisions : The Higher Road by Business Ethics QuarterlyBusiness Ethics Quarterly541995 (Laczniak and Murphy , 1995 . Such was the ambiance and outlook in which most Russians grew up . There was slight or no value for the law or the regime . It was tolerable to lie and cheat and steal - a...

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