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Today 's businesses have mainly been prescribed by the corporate social responsibility and this also includes governments and the main objective is to deal with various environmental and social ills . It mainly lies with the various market frameworks . A company needs to have obligations in to become accountable for all its activities and operations in relation to stakeholder . While making decisions these companies that are socially responsible often consider the impacts of their decisions on the environment and community , hence , balancing

the needs of the community as they venture in their business motive of profit making (Crawther Rayman , 2004 . This will focus on two main issues environments and markets . Environment will mainly focus on Cadbury Schweppes ' internal and external environments and its approach to corporate social responsibility . Markets will focus on its failure especially in obesity in United Kingdom

Question 1Module 1 : Environment

Mintzberg in his analysis tried to analyze various internal and external environments by using the physiognomy model with the aim of establishing stakeholders at Cadbury Schweppes as well as the nature of their stakes in the named business environment . The business environment that exists at Cadbury plays a crucial role in how the company operates and its productivity . Cadbury 's external environment could be examined in the various corporate social responsibilities that it enhances towards its employees and the customers . As much as environment and social reporting is common in an organization 's strategy and reporting the accountability of employees and shareholders uses with the corporation and this is achieved through managing the values of employees and the shareholders Cadbury Schweppes concentrates on business through wealth creation as it is considered to be one of the fundamental aspect in relation to social contribution that can be provided by any business . This therefore means that for future generations to fully depend on wealth creation , a business needs to prosper for a long time

For these companies that are situated in highly competitive markets credibility and public legitimacy play crucial roles . For instance these could be seen at Cadbury Schweppes acquisition of the Green and Black which was an organic chocolate company in 2005 at a price of 22 million . Schweppes was building on its public legitimacy and credibility as well as its image in relation to corporate responsibility which has also been helped by the subsidiary

However , there existed a contamination of chocolate in one of the Cadbury Schweppes in Marlbrook , UK which had originated from a waste water pipe that had contaminated the various ingredients at the factory The problem is that Cadbury had not notified the British food standards Agency (FSA ) at the earliest opportunity through it knew about the poisoning . Although Cadbury had retained by arguing that they did not see any reason for alerting the public because the tolerance levels of contamination had fallen to below average , they still had to recall majority of their chocolate bars that they had distributed throughout the United Kingdom since...

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