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In a business meeting to discus the best way forward in cutting sown operation costs of a company , the meeting went off-track and little was achieved . At the end of the meeting no new viable strategies had been decided upon and most of the team members felt that the meeting had been waste of time

Several things could have been done to avoid this . To begin with the convener of the meeting should have put up a notic

e will in advance stating

the date , time , venue and agenda of the meeting . When the time and venue are know , incidents of lateness are decreased so the meeting starts on time and there inadequate time to discuss the agenda . Knowing the agenda early enough gives the participants ample time to collect material relevant to the of discussion and also to prepare for its presentation in a say that is time-saving

Another time-saving method that the convener could have employed is circulation of minutes of the previous meeting prior to the next meeting . This saves time since issues arising from the previous meeting are well-prepared for , rather than having participants reading the minutes at the meeting

To prevent digression , it is necessary that the meeting has a regulator who will allocate time-spans to each participant such that one does not spend too much time talking a s this leads to digression more often than not . The regulator however , needs to be neutral so that of the participants feels as though their ideas are being shot down

Conflicts between team players can sometimes cause a meeting to go off-track especially when the conflicts have been ignored for a while It is therefore necessary to ensure that there are proper communication channels that resolve conflicts within an organization . This will ensure that the team-members focus on the job at hand rather than directing their energies at the conflicts . If conflict resolution is successful goals of the team will be achieved and one of the ways that this is reflected is in successful meetings that do not go off-track


James S .Orourke , IV .Analysis Approach 3rd edition


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