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1 . As Dianes new assistant , you need to flowchart this process . Explain how the process might be improved once you have completed the chart

The flowchart is mentioned in the document . Frequently complications are managed through a very long protocol . Greater anticipation , determination through imaging and other tests , and options of the mother , need to be considered to manage complications better and improve outcomes

2 . If a mother is scheduled for a Caesarean-section birth (i .e , the baby is removed from the womb surgically , how would this flowchart change

p C-section can be conducted in various situations including :-

When true signs of labor are being anticipated but there would be problems with the delivery

As a planned procedure before any signs of labor are attained

When false signs of labor require that the patient undergo C-section

Following the procedures in the L D triage room

If the baby is not delivered following the L D Triage room (Chird Birth 1999

Following the procedure C-section , the baby and the mother may or may not develop complications , and should be handled in the earlier mentioned flowchart

3 . If all mothers were electronically (or manually ) preregistered , how would the flowchart change ? Redraw the chart to show your changes

If all the mothers were pre-registered , then they would be directly moved on entry without any formal registration process to the L and D triage room on the 8th floor . This could save vitally on time and helping to prevent the development...

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