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What would you bring to the nursing field

What would you bring to the nursing field

The field of nursing is broad and long with many avenues in which to participate . There are , however , a number of fundamental qualities that are necessary for every nurse , or potential nurse , to possess

These are my attributes and the things I consider make a good nurse

To begin with , I strongly believe that the profession is a `calling rather than just a job . If all one is looking for is an easy comfortable life with a nice pay check along the way , then this

is not the career to choose . The person going into this profession has to know that this is the right way for his /her life to progress . To my mind when choosing this path , that individual has actively made a decision to dedicate his /her life to the care of others and to follow the way of the many great care-givers who have trod this important path before him /her .Although it is extremely important to learn the science of nursing - what medicines to administer , when , how much and where - with dedication and a certain amount of intelligence this can be learned . It is however , very difficult to learn compassion , empathy and rapport . I believe that you are born this way

I have read much concerning what attributes make a good care-giver but the idiom which

really sticks in my mind is that of the three H 's .HEART-HEAD-HANDS

The heart is the beat . One must care enough . Compassion is to be there when the patient fears that which he knows . Concern for the needs of the patient should be paramount as should be to know when to act . Sometimes though , reassurance cannot be enough and you must have the ability to know when to pull away , no matter how hard that might seem

The head is the details . One must know enough . Knowledge comes in two forms : the first is in subject data . Anatomy and physiology pharmacology and medication administration , psychology , ethics , nursing theory and legal issues . The second comes in giving information to a patient who fears the unknown

The hands are the tools . One must do enough . Competency to do things for a patient who cannot . Proficiency in the provision of the right help at the right time . Whether it be medicine , cleaning , feeding or bathing ,Too much of one of these three at the degradation of the other is bad - the key is balance

I strive towards excellence in all that I do and I respect and care about those around me . I have a genuine interest in being approachable and feel a need to help

It is hard to imagine the distress that some patients may be under . To listen and understand and empathize with an individual 's feelings is a main objective of mine

I would hope that those who come in contact with me will feel gladdened by my presence and that they would trust my professional ability

Just because...

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