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brief poem anaylsis on `Daddy`

Poem Analysis of Daddy

The persona that Sylvia Plath presents within this poem is evidently to attempt to compare her suffering , of the loss of a farther , to that of the Jewish Community during Hitler 's rain not only by comparing herself to a Jewish individual , but by also comparing her farther to a Nazi Solider . The similarity that I envision between the Nazi theme and the loss of a father is that there can never be enough anger and that the Nazis decimated an entire culture , much in the same way that

the loss of her father forever colored her world . The persona of this poem can therefore be more accurately stated as being based upon factors of powerlessness and rage the uninvited forces that enter our lives and destroy something within us . Due to this heart felt persona being presented , the words of the poem bear a great emotional connection to its reader , as most probably the individual has experienced aspects of the poem within their own existence . This is additionally supported due to my belief that Plath not only compares her suffering to that of the Jews , but that deeper down she is trying to reform her emotions concerning her father 's ethnic race , or using this persona as a barrier for her true feelings

The poem portrays the contents of its story over 16 stanzas , each presenting its contents in a directly fashion , such as being a letter of statement directly addressed to her farther , with each stanza having five lines of powerful imagery and rhyming schemes . This makes the reader of the poem feel as if they are viewing upon a diary entry of Plath , viewing the painful thoughts that have engulfed her short life conquering the poem with a powerful outlook . From this we can base the writing style of Daddy as being confessional poetry , as Plath confesses her feelings about men and death and how they are related . It reads as if she is pouring her heart out onto the page and as if she is speaking the words freely , thus adding to the powerful nature and meaning of the poem . In depicting the poem 's meaning , the language that Plath uses in Daddy is extremely powerful , as it is direct as to what is intentionally being discussed yet it masks the in question . For instance the of her farther as having an "Aryan eye , bright blue (44 clearly symbolizes him as a white man , however the actual meaning is masked with the phrase actually referring to his Nazi qualities . The is made more obvious with the fact that the rest of the poem declaratively describes him as a black individual , with an aura of darkness that surrounds him this darkness holding the relevance of being compared to a Nazi solider

The tone of this poem , I believe , is based upon an adult who is fulfilled with anguish and is outraged . This outrage , at times , slips into the expressions of a child , as being evidently apparent by Plath 's frequent use of the word Daddy , and the childlike repetitions "You do not do , you do not do (1-2 ) and "Daddy , daddy , you bastard (80 Additionally to this , she also uses expressions that sound like the vocabulary of a child , such as "a barb wire snare (26 , and "I have always been scared of you (41 . With the title of the poem also bearing child like qualities , as it is entitled Daddy , I believe that the tone efficacy bestows the poems meaning , as it illustrates the relationship between the farther and the daughter , despite Plath being an adult upon the time of the poems creation . This is furthermore assisted with the entirety of the poem incorporating many different elements , as to reveal Plath 's negative attitude towards men , especially those within her life such as her father resulting with the conflicts of the poem being male authority and control , versus , the freedom women should possess inside the world such as to be whom she is , to make her own choices , and be free from male domination and repression

Sylvia Plath wrote this poem about the many struggles that she felt either her father or her husband caused . All of these struggles left her with a feeling of insignificance toward men , primarily her father , and by writing this poem , Plath is releasing her inner hostility as a means of closure for the treatment she has received . She was an innovative and successful , in terms of artistic , not commercially successful , writer exacting violence upon language , and inventing many and different personas to carry the weight of her often very dense writing . What her poem Daddy does , is to illuminate artifice in poetry it is about the poet 's ability to fuse dynamic and exciting language as one , the resulting product being the production of powerful imagery , and at times incoherent intellectual progressions


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