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breaking the chains of psychological slavery by Naim Akbar

Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery

by Naim Akbar

Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery is a very insightful book which evaluates and addresses the background on the psychological legacy of slavery . The author challenges us and forces us to take an inward exploration to understanding the causes and the impacts which slavery had on the minds and the souls of the African Americans . He also brings to our attention the positive trait of understanding the true worth of individuality regardless of our position or circumstance in life . It is interesting

that though times have changed these factors still remain hidden in the some form or the other to overpower the minds with the legacy of slavery in the new generation . Slavery has been described as forced labor ' and this aspect of slavery is present in our generation with the mental slavery which emerges in the form labor for the drive for money , status and ambition

In his collection of essays Dr . Akbar addresses two major phenomena firstly the impact of slavery and secondly the influence of Caucasian images for worship on the psychology of the African Americans . Dr . Akbar addresses the behavioral factors which have evolved from the collective issues which have been prevalent in the historical context . His views are very insightful and thoughtful , which challenge the existing ground which perpetuates the legacy of slavery

He is very accurate in his analysis regarding his first essay Psychological Legacy of Slavery , where he gives an account of 300 years...

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