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About a boy analysis

The story revolved around an unlikely relationship between a boy and a 36-year-old wealthy man . Will was wealthy and trendy . He spent most of his days laying around and being self-absorbed . He was living off his late father 's royalties from his hit single , Santa 's Super Sleigh He refused to do anything with his life . Bored and desperate to meet women who were desperate for sex , he went off to join a single parent 's group called SPAT ' He pretended to have a son , until he met Suzie At a company outing

, Will met Fiona , an eccentric hippy vegan who had a 12-year-old sold named Marcus . He was the type of child who was bullied in school because of his weird haircut and his old-fashioned clothes that his mom chose for him . During that time , Will and Marcus did not like each other very much . It was during that time when , they discovered that Fiona tried to commit suicide . Marcus spied on Will during the day and discovered he was not a single parent since he did not have a kid He tried to convince Will to befriend his mother , fearing that she would try to kill herself again This was because of his mother 's constant crying

Over time , Will allowed Marcus to visit him . He even gave him new trainers . The next day , they got stolen . Marcus had to explain to his mother how Will was trying to help him out socially . Marcus joined a talent show at school to sing Killing me Softly ' that was supposed to be his mother 's favorite song . Will tried to stop Marcus from doing so and races to his school knowing it was social suicide . He arrived but was not successful in persuading Marcus from performing . Seeing that Marcus was not doing well with the crowd , he came on stage with him playing a guitar . While the performance was not as successful , the friendship forged between Will and Marcus was . It served as a pivotal part in the story as the two turned each other 's lives around

Relationships . The story revolved around the significance of relationships each character had in each other 's lives . The theme of the story was about how relationships can change your life . Mainly , it was Will 's life that was headlined . He was living an empty life despite his wealth and free time . It was only when he formed a relationship with Marcus that his life gained meaning and substance . He began to care about someone other than himself as shown in how he brought him new shoes and when he performed the talent show with Marcus . If he did not meet Marcus , could he have changed his life alone ? It was unlikely , as he did not realize then that he needed to

It was then that he apprehended that it was not good to live his life for himself alone . He saw how different it was when he did not knew Marcus . Once...

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