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book report on Common Sense by Thomas Paine

p Thomas Paine 's January 1776 pamphlet , Common Sense is one of those documents of American culture which goes all too frequently neglected these days . Paine 's repeated call for independence from Great Britain in the winter before the Second Continental Congress was instrumental in mobilizing public opinion and popular support for political and economic freedom . Economics and social values form the basis of Paine 's critique of the British presence in the American colonies and he never loses sight of either his purpose or his rationale throughout the course of his

argument . Common Sense follows a logical ideology from a general philosophical explication of human government , to a critique of the current state of British government , to an analysis of the American situation particularly , and even includes a general plan for an independent American government following the assume victory in The American Revolution . Common Sense is notable for Paine 's diagnosis of the American situation . Paine had only been only fourteen months in the colonies when it was published , and for its eloquence and exhortative value were also reasons for its success . Thomas Paine 's Common Sense was the first best-seller in America . More importantly , it captured the mind and spirit of the Revolution in a brief and witty format

There were certain developments in the Colonies in the years leading up to the American Revolution and which also led to Paine 's writing of his famous pamphlet Common Sense . Some of the most important events during this time were The Stamp Act and Stamp Act Congress , The Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party as well as the First Continental Congress in September and October of 1774 . The Stamp Act was a direct British tax on American colonists . Instituted in November , 1765 . Every news pamphlet , and other public and legal document had to have a Stamp , or British seal , on it . The Stamp cost money . The colonists didn 't think they should have to pay for something they had been doing for free for many years , and they responded in force , with demonstrations and even with a diplomatic body called the Stamp Act Congress . This led to the Declaration of Rights which stated the colonist 's rights against such unwarranted taxation . Another event which motivated Paine was the shooting of five American colonists by British troops on March 5 , 1770 Nearly every part of the story is disputed by both sides . The British say rocks and other such weapons were hurled at them . But the British had guns , and they opened fire . The Boston Massacre deepened American distrust of the British military presence in the colonies . Another event which seemed to raise the blood of the colonists was the tax on tea Angry and frustrated at a new tax , American colonists calling themselves the Sons of Liberty and disguised as native Americans and dumped 342 whole crates of British tea into Boston harbor on December 16 , 1773 Similar incidents occurred in Maryland , New York , and New Jersey in the next...

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