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The birthday Party by Katharine brush

In three short paragraphs , Katherine Brush has managed to produce a brilliant gem of a short - very short , in fact - story . The Birthday Party ' tells of a couple , unmistakably married (Brush 2 ' and the disastrous surprise that marked the husband 's birthday . The wife fadingly pretty , in a big hat (2 ' has planned a seemingly innocuous and intimate party for her husband . However , to her surprise , instead of receiving a warm , gratified smile , he turns hostile and utters some punishing thing , quick and curt and unkind (2 ' to his wife . Even though

The Birthday Party ' revolves only around this singular act Brush 's use of different literary devices help to evoke the depth and range of emotions necessary to portray the theme of the story

The main theme of this story is question of marriages and relationships . Initially , the husband and wife looked like any ordinary married couple eating at a restaurant . In fact , according to the narrator , there was nothing conspicuous about them , nothing particularly noticeable (2 ' This line implies how they were acting like any regular couple out for dinner . Yet , suddenly , at the end of their meal ' with the coming of the small but glossy birthday cake with one pink candle burning in the center ' to their table , their real relationship was revealed (2 . The man 's reaction , initially , called for the narrator to side with the wife "Oh , now , don 't be like that (2 But , the narrator eventually realizes that the husband was like that ' wary being the center of attention . In the end , blame is passed on both sides : the husband 's unbending and inflexible ways that was hurtful to his wife , and the fact that the woman did not know her husband well enough to know that he would not like the attention generated by her little surprise

One technique employed by Katherine Brush to explicate this theme is the use of irony . In this story , it is situational irony that is most easily detected , as this is the crux and major conflict of the story What the wife expected to happen did not instead , the opposite happened . As the headwaiter brought out the cake , the orchestra played and the other restaurant patrons clapped their hands , it became clear that the little surprise intended for the husband would turn out to ironically , be also a surprise for the wife . Not only was she shocked at her husband 's reaction , she was also shocked to learn that she did not know him fully well , after all . Furthermore , it was not only the wife who was surprised - even the other guests were surprised , with the narrator 's initial reaction was to chide - silently - the husband to not be like that ' Another form of irony in the story is verbal irony , which appears at the start of the story

There was nothing conspicuous about them , nothing particularly noticeable until the end of their meal , when it suddenly became obvious that this was an Occasion --- in...

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