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Running Head : Biodiversity





The evolution of life on this planet has lead to the the processes pertaining to natural environmental events . Because of the biological presence , the environment has changed the way it takes care of itself . This change apparently influenced how each biological domain diversifies according to how they adapt to the dynamic flow of natural procedures

Biodiversity is the complete differences or variations among living entities (Davis , 2000 . This does not include only the identification of creatures but more importantly

it also addresses the dilemma of understanding the ecological complexities that they influence . Primarily there are several scopes in which biodiversity can stratify the living organisms . This classification method may involve factors pertaining to ecological systems , genetic and chemical attributes and living behaviors . There are several regions in the world which are identified to be of high concentration of organism variability . These regions cover only about 1 .4 of very small terrestrial and aquatic areas but play host to almost half of all the identified species in the animal kingdom (BBC , 2008 . Based on the Natural History Museum Diagram , biodiversity regions can be found in South East Asia , Central America and parts of continental Africa . Sadly , these regions are also on the `hotspot ' list due to the interference of people and the seemingly uncontrolled utilization of natural resources . Basically , the issue today pertains to the degradation of the habitats of plants and animals due to the way people impact the natural environment . With poor government regulations undisciplined use of natural resources and the greedy attribute of capitalism , many biodiversity regions are suffering which for some animals and plants species has lead to extinction

Maintaining biodiversity is truly essential for human sustainability . Primarily , the more biological concentration an area has , the more there are likely resources for human development Ecologically stable and healthy environments are important to agriculture productivity in which humans depend for food (Mayell , 2001 Of course , each element of the ecosystem influences each other which is why with the destruction of biodiversity regions , comes the destruction of human resources . It may not come at an immediate pace but the after effects can be very serious in the future . In to maintain the current remaining biodiversity , the international community must have a single consensus towards protecting the environment . As of the moment the organization Greenpeace provides the specific instructions for governments to follow . These platforms however will not be successful without full cooperation of the entire population

Invasive species are defined to be that of organisms which influence the activities in the environment and induces adverse effects to the native creatures in the same location . These are actually non-indigenous creatures which are introduced mainly through human intervention . Invasive species primarily impact biodiversity in a certain area by occupying established territories and competing with other organisms . This may pose problems to native creatures and could even impose extinction to weaker organisms . An example of the invasive species which affected ecosystems is the bull frogs which infested Australia and threatened other creatures in its ecosystem

Taking care of the biodiversity regions of the world can provide long term effects of sustainability . This could mean better protection of the environment which provides all the resources for human development . In this aspect , whatever biodiversity will experience will relay an effect to how people will utilize the environment


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