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My best memory

They made some changes but still this was not enough to provide a fair playing ground . I was super angry and indignant to get the roll sheet changed to what it should look like . I did not know that they had decided not to do anything expecting that I will change everything unilaterally . I had not listened to them . What a big crime ? How can I explain this ? The other groups including the shopping group complained about labor group not going to support them in buying staff etc . I tried to mediate and

br reconcile , oh how I wished sport day could hurry and come to pass ! I tried my best to accommodate troubles and everything looked like going back to right way once more

I was busy all the time attending college group to meetings , our group meetings , catching up for support and anything , and reporting to my leader , Vicky . In a little while , I had a short meeting with College group and we kind of differed a little bit at that time . The reason to this was the money expenses were not going to be divided equally College want high school to pay more because we have more participants than them . They want the high school to account for 65 of the expenses whereas the remaining 35 be footed by the College . This is not fair I told their leader , Xian Sun . I told him that I had to consult preceptor . Consequently , I went back and come back with the answer This is not a good deal for us , but I can agree on 60 for us and 40 for them ' my preceptor said . Sorry Xian Sun , this is only what we can accept anyway ' I said and looked at him and felt that he was kind of mad...

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